Investment Banking

Our investment banking team is at the front end of our client franchise.

The team identifies, structures and executes diverse and innovative public and private market transactions for governments, state agencies and corporations (nationals and multinationals). Transactions include mergers, acquisitions, privatizations, restructuring, and capital raising (equity or debt issues).

We strive to provide best-in-class advice and execution excellence on the most complex transactions across products in order to help our clients grow and meet their financial and strategic objectives.

We offer our services across various sectors and assist our clients at any stage of a transaction during the entire lifecycle of their investments starting with idea generation, acquisition advisory and financing, through to the final sale or public market stock offering(s).

We adopt a team-based approach to our business in each sector, maximizing on our multicultural experience, in-depth knowledge across all products and unique ’Marketing / Selling / Execution’ vision to work in the interests of all our clients.


Asset Management

We are committed enabling our clients to invest their capital in a way that it creates a positive impact on their wealth and around them. We serve their investment needs by offering a broad range of products across various asset classes, ranging from equities, fixed income and multiple-asset class products, to alternative investments.

Our investment process focuses on valuation, sustainable business models and high standards of corporate governance.

Also, we help them choose the best advisers in some or all of the following areas and coordinate among them:

  • Protecting Assets (Appropriate holding structures, Estate planning, Tax planning)
  • Growing Assets (Asset allocation, Manager selection, Asset management)
  •  Controlling Wealth (Global custody, Reporting, Monitoring)