The Executive Office (GBR) LLP is an independent boutique investment bank, offering bespoke solutions founded on intellectual capital.

We are dedicated to continuing to build our client base of substantial and diversified ethically-minded customers along the segment of Governments, State Agencies, Supranationals, Large Institutions, High Net-Worth Individuals, and Family Offices.

We offer robust, flexible and secure financial services and view our position as that of a bridging role between regions, helping our clients drive growth and value creation by focusing on their capital and strategy right through to execution.

We devise tailor-made services to satisfy our clients’ objectives,advising on or arranging deals and implementing strategies according to the best practices while ensuring high ethical and regulatory compliance.

Also, given our role of proactive partners to our clients, it becomes natural to us to support our clients to consider how to bring impact into their strategies.

We are headquartered in London and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) in the United Kingdom.


Our People

Our firm is led by an experienced multicultural team of experts across a wide range of products. The whole team is bound by a strict code of business conduct and is committed to delivering positive results for our clients while maintaining high ethical standards and contributing to making a difference in the world.

Our culture is characterized by true equality and being inclusive offers to everyone within the firm to thrive.

Our governing body is comprised of highly respected individuals, with solid multidisciplinary expertise, to ensure that the firm continues to drive forward a clear visionary strategy in a way which best serves its stakeholders. The adopted comprehensive corporate governance policies and processes are designed to safeguard our reputation and to protect the interest of our stakeholders.

Moreover, strategic alliances with like-minded institutions are regularly established to ensure the best possible service and advice for our clients.


Our Objectives

  • To ensure what we do reflects who we are; integrating our mission and strategy.
  • To regularly ensure that our “Unique Value Proposition” meets the future demands, is truly customer-centric, benefits from scale effect and offers the best breed of products and services.
  • To develop a value-based investment banking services platform based on integrity, security, flexibility, innovation, commitment to excellence and customer-centricity.
  • To focus on long-term resilience over short-term profit.
  • To build, maintain and manage a bridge for capital, talents and opportunities between our stakeholders.